September 20, 2021

The LifeCentre lives up to its name!

When The LifeCentre opened its doors nearly 9 years ago, the community at LifeChurch Manchester wanted to be able to serve the community in offering space for local groups, businesses and charities to be able to meet.  With 10 meeting rooms and capacity for up to 250 people, there are always plenty of options here for people.

Following the first lockdown, The LifeCentre was able to adapt like never before and whilst initially opening for a primary school, and then a dance school it soon moved on to NHS based provision to help people in our region. Patients arriving for diabetic eye screening and flu vaccines was something we were getting used to when we were approached for the most life saving adventure yet: Covid-19 vaccinations! Literally bringing life back to the community of Sale by being the hub used by the local medical practices to deliver the Covid-19 Vaccinations.

In a total there were 70 clinics and over 45,000 vaccinations delivered, which is staggering figure when you think!  It has genuinely been an honour to be involved in such an historic and poignant event in our nation’s history. It was humbling to see people of all ages, coming in 100s at a time for their jab; some of whom hadn’t even left the house for months and we can say we played our part.

We now wait with trepidation for the next stage of boosters and see how we juggle being open as well as being a vaccination hub.  It’s a good thing we like a challenge!

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